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Why in the world are you a photographer? 

Love, love keeps me coming back to photography. My love of documenting the unspoken bond that binds us. Love for your family, children, parents, siblings, friends, love between a couple just starting out or love after decades cherished memories! When I capture the true essence of someone’s spirit it is such a wonderful feeling. To show a parent an image that I captured and to hear them say that’s so my child it makes my heart so happy!

hi, I'm Holly

As for out Poppies and Pixels Boutique we ship nationwide. At this time our products are available for purchase via Etsy and instagram, online store on this website is under construction. We also do some local festivals as well, remember to buy local, great for the environment & to support local businesses.

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About- Poppies and Pixels: We are a Mother and Daughter team covering Las Vegas & the California Central Coast. We look forward to meeting you and helping you capture your memories on a relaxed session with us. We also love to travel, so just shoot us a message to see if we are heading to your city anytime soon and let’s book a session. Then you get to have fun picking out products to show case your amazing images from your shoot from unique boutique items to wallet prints. Many of which are available to purchase 10-14 days after your session directly from our proofing site where you can view and share your images.

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How- Send us an e-mail, shoot us a text, message us on facebook & last but certainly not least give us a call. We're very friendly so don't be shy. =)

When- The best time for an outdoor session is about an hour before sunset. During that time everything has a gorgeous glow, the light gets softer & more flattering too! An indoor shoot however works best with a ton of natural light. So the time depends on when your home gets the most light. If your whole home gets lovely light or even a room or two we'd love to do a lifestyle session with you and your family.

Where- Possible locations include but are certainly not limited to: Natural like park or desert, Urban/Downtown etc... or even in your own beautifully lit home.

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